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While I’m still having issues with Card Creator, the developers pushed out a hotfix called version 2.2.1 which was developed, in part, to address some of the issues I’ve been having, and while the application seems to be much more stable, I am still having some troubles.

The good news is that I’m much further along in the process of making my own card game thanks to this application. I am no graphic designer, but it is much easier with a tool like Card Creator helping hold my hand. Throw in some basic Photoshop, and constantly looking at reference, and I think I am much closer to prototype cards I can be happy with.

In the near future, this application will likely get me to the point of being able to design the final cards, which is super exciting. Their roadmap has a number of cool features.

Hopefully, with this video, they’ll be able to see more of some of the issues I’m having and correct them in short order. I still highly recommend Card Creator if you are looking for a tool to help you prototype your own card games. It is available on Steam.