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Recently, I was pointed to a new application on Steam called Card Creator. I’ve been looking for a good tool to make playing card prototypes for a while now, and so I was excited to see what this one could do.

After watching some sample videos, I dropped $22 Canadian dollars on the application and tried it out.

At first, I was a bit disappointed. It was buggy, slow, and was lacking features I was looking for, but since Card Creator version 2.2 came out, things are a lot better, and I’m looking forward to the future of this application.

The developers have been very responsive, and open with theirĀ roadmap, meaning that you can see what features they are working on next and leave your feedback.

I, myself, have added a few bug reports and put my support behind certain features. The developers have been great about considering what I’m asking for.

One thing in particular that I feel the deck builder is missing is an auto-save system. I can’t tell you how frustrated I was to work for an hour on a deck, only to cause the program to crash before I saved (partly my fault, I know).

I have been wanting to make my own card game for a while based on a book that my wife and I wrote called Second Class Supers. I am a huge fan of deck-builder games as well as Hearthstone, and I’m working to take my favourite elements and tie it in with the Second Class Supers universe.

I have all of the game mechanics worked out as well as the card details. I’ve play-tested the game and had others play test it as well.

The hard part and the one I’m still dealing with is the graphical side, but I have had a graphic designer work on some card art for me, and with this tool, I’ve been able to start working out how the layout could have elements positioned.

Now I just need to work with a designer or spend time myself, making good looking graphics that I can use with Card Creator to make a professional-looking product.

I can’t speak to how the cards printĀ as of yet, but I can’t wait to try out that functionality as well.

Overall, I really like Card Creator and hope that the developers continue at their current pace adding features, fixing bugs and moving the whole project forward. There isn’t much in this space that can provide this level of simple control, low barrier to entry, and high opportunity to output something of value.