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I have played Domina more than a few times since it came out. The idea that you can control your own gladiators and try to win tournaments appealed to some strange part of me, but every time I played, I found myself losing my best people and quickly ending up with a team of weak people that were just playthings for much better combatants.

I figured this time would be the same.

Why would it be any different? I hadn’t done any research or learned anything new. I did have one new strategy though, don’t do group combat. The area of effect of attacks in the games means that one strong opponent swinging at a few of my gladiators could do heavy damage to all of them.

I had also heard previously when I played that meditation was the direction you wanted to start with so that your gladiators would be a bit smarter in their combat. You can control a single character in combat, but my previous attempts all failed miserably.

I had to record this playthrough in two sessions. Above is the first half, where I feel I’m doing rather well, other than a few losses, and below is the second half where I may have won the game. I’m unsure because the character that I represent ends up dying in the end. Maybe there are multiple endings and I just have to play even better? Let me know!