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Do you play Hearthstone? Blizzard has me addicted. When I was without a gaming PC, my aged MacBook Pro could still, just barely, play Hearthstone, so it is basically the only game I’ve been playing for the last half a year and let me tell you, I still am absolutely horrible at the game, especially when playing Arena mode.

I don’t get it. I understand the basic mechanics and watch many other Youtube gamers play, but I still can’t get my head around playing Arena.

I will have to do more research and really understand the game mechanics and the potential synergies better as right now, when I pick cards, I seem to favour ones I’ve used before over ones that might work best together. I have watched a great deal of Day9 learning Dota, and have realized that there is a whole layer to playing games that I have never really deeply dived into and that’s strategy. I just typically play the game without putting much thought into it and find enjoyment where I can. I don’t lament losses much and celebrate few victories. Maybe that’s just some of the Canadian way?

Do you play Hearthstone? Do you do well in Arena? Drop me some tips!